-Paul Knox


Founding Dean

The Honors program at Virginia Tech will provide you with a flexible framework for personalized learning that emphasizes opportunity, expectation, and challenge. The opportunities are many, including close interaction with Virginia Tech’s best faculty, customized study abroad experiences, innovative undergraduate research programs, and access to a variety of scholarships and experiential learning grants. The expectation is that you will become an active member of the interdisciplinary community of scholars, uphold the highest standards of integrity, and employ your knowledge and skills for the betterment of society. The challenge is intellectual: to be open to new ideas, concepts, and theories, to critically assess them and draw on them in achieving intellectual independence.


Universities are very special places that allow us to have the experiences and conversations that help us to frame our understandings and sense of responsibilities. In this regard, Honors is extra special. In this setting, you will have the chance to get away from conventional assumptions and expectations and to remake yourself. Your Honors experience will compel you to specify and sharpen your commitments, and to declare and test your convictions. Each of you will have a different experience as you sharpen and focus your powers of analysis, creativity, and rationality. By the time you graduate, you will be prepared for a lifetime of learning, to be productive professionals, and to give service to society.


Nikki Lewis

Amanda MacDonald

Anne-Lise Velez

Collegiate Assistant Professor

Affiliated Faculty, University Libraries

Collegiate Assistant Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Studies


David Bieri

Mark Embree

James Ivory

Kim Filer

Sylvester Johnson

Associate Professor, School of Public and International Affairs | Principal Research Associate, Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience

Professor of Mathematics | Program Leader, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics Program

Professor, Department of Communication

Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning |  Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, in a consulting capacity

Professor of Religion and Culture | Director of the Virginia Tech Center for the Humanities |  Assistant Vice Provost for the Humanities

Lara Khansa

Luke Lester

Tom Martin

Thanassis Rikakis

Akshay Sharma

Associate Professor of Business Information Technology | Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Pamplin College of Business

Professor and Head, Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering |  Bradley Faculty Fellow of Education

Professor of Bioengineering and of Performing Arts | Co-Chair of the Discovery Design Team | Founding Chair of the Honors Discovery Program

Associate Professor of Industrial Design | Chair of the School of Architecture + Design Industrial Design Program

Christina McIntyre

Tammy Jo Guynn

Paul Heilker

Russell B. Shrader

Amy Ingram

Sara Vandyke

Pablo A. Tarazaga

Michelle Kovac

Director of Major Scholarships

Honors Operations Manager

Director of Experiential Learning

Director of Honors Admissions

Honors Support Specialist

Executive Director

Faculty Principal, Honors Residential Commons

Program Manager, Calhoun Honors Discovery Program


Virginia Tech Honors College, MC 0427

116 Hillcrest Hall

385 West Campus Drive

Blacksburg, VA 24061


Phone: (540) 231-4591