National scholarships recognize students whose leadership and academic achievements are nationally or internationally extraordinary. The Honors College can advise students through the application process, which can be significant yet developmental. Check with Christina McIntyre for current scholarship meetings, details on the campus process, and campus deadlines.

  • The English-Speaking Union Scholarship

    The English-Speaking Union Scholarship is awarded to one junior per state (in this case, Virginia) for summer study in Great Britain. The English-Speaking Union considers the applicant’s literary and scholastic ability, physical vigor, character and personality. The amount covers the cost of three weeks of summer study and transportation. Campus deadline is in mid-December. The university can nominate one candidate. Finalists are interviewed in Richmond in early February. Contact Christina McIntyre to inquire about application materials. Contact Christina McIntyre to inquire about this year’s application process.

    • + View a list of previous VT English-Speaking Union Scholarship recipients

      2013    Cassidy Grubbs

      2011    Josh Trebach

      2005    Erica Butler

      2001    Kirsten Davis

      1997    Janine Schank

      1994    Michelle Krusiec

      1992    Valerie Alder

  • Ford Foundation Fellowships for Minorities


    Ford Foundation Fellowships for Minorities include an annual stipend to the student and an institutional allowance in lieu of tuition and fees. Approximately 50 pre-doctoral fellowships are made for research-based doctoral programs in the behavioral and social sciences, humanities, engineering, mathematics, computer science, physical sciences, and biological sciences or interdisciplinary programs consisting of two or more eligible disciplines.  The final deadline is usually in early November.

    • + View a list of previous VT Ford Foundation Fellowship recipients

      1998    Ley Richardson

  • Fulbright u.s. student grant

    Fulbright Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors and graduate students to pursue a research project in their major field at a university in another country (over 70) during a year abroad. The amount includes round-trip transportation, tuition, living expenses, and frequently an accelerated language course. Of particular consideration are language proficiency and careful selection of the site of study for your specific goals. The national deadline is usually the third week in October. Due to the timing and components of the application, and the specifics of the campus process, students are encouraged to contact Betty Watts in early/mid-Spring semester the year before their application to discuss the application process.

    On-line application available March 31:


    Virginia Tech Fulbright Program Advisers:

    Betty Watts | 540-231-7220 |

    526 Prices Fork Rd, Blacksburg VA 24061

    • + View a list of previous VT Fulbright recipients

      2015      Rachael Kennedy - Turkey

                    Amanda Nelson - Germany

                    Janani Ravi - Germany

                    Alexandra Hyler - Denmark

                    Emma Flemmig - India

                    Rachel Kirk - Morocco


      2014      Lindsey Rich - Botswana

                    Erin Poor - Indonesia

                    Kathryn Fielder - Bangladesh


      2013      Daniel Youngstrom - Latvia


      2012      Nicole Faut - India

                    Lily Gonzales - Spain


      2011      Amanada Daquila - Germany

                    Holly Berkley - Malaysia

                    Emily Van Houweling - Mozambique


      2010      Bonnie Fairbanks - Botswana

                    Elizabeth Prisley - Germany


      2009      Jessica Lu - Israel


      2008      Phillip Chong - Korea


      2007      John C. Linford - Germany

                    Amanda K. Davis- Mexico

                    Thomas R. Reppert - Spain


      2006      Michael H. Willemann - Germany


      2004      Matthew Cahill - Austria

                    Timothy Work - Austira


      2003      Erik Herz - Germany

                    Michael Zalich - Australia


      2000      Matthew Chappell - Sweden


      1999      Mark Fina - Finland


      1997      John Michael Schmidt - United Kingdom

                    Sarah Greene - Nicaragua


      1995      Daniel Stuver - Netherlands

                    Kevin Simon - France

                    Dennis Rodgers - France

                    Eric Flint - Germany


      1994      Daniel Lucero - France


      1993      Siri Matthews - France


      1989      Joseph Guthrie - New Zealand

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship


    The Gates Cambridge Scholarships provide the full cost of studying in Cambridge for one, two, three or in certain exceptional circumstances, four years. The Trust seeks students of exceptional academic achievement and scholarly promise. Students need to demonstrate their ability to make a significant contribution to their discipline.  Students apply directly to Cambridge. Their deadline is usually November 1.

  • Goldwater Scholarship


    Goldwater Scholarships award up to $7,500 per year for tuition, fees, room, board, and books for the junior/senior years to 300 students planning graduate work and a career in science, mathematics, or engineering. The Goldwater Foundation considers scholastic record, research experience, potential in graduate school, and commitment to a research career. The campus deadline is usually before the Thanksgiving break. Contact Christina McIntyre for campus application details.

    • + View a list of previous VT Goldwater Scholarship recipients

      2012     Winston Becker

      2011     Casey Baker

      2010     Ryan Shaw

                   Brittany Gianetti

      2009     Ashley Morgenstern

      2008     Kevin D. Finelli

                   Thao P. Do

                   David Tatum

      2007     Rebecca K. Sinnott

      2006     Brian J. Skinner

      2005     David W. Erickson

                   Sarah E. Koss

      2004     Dustin Hite

                   Aaron Kaluszka

      2003     Heather C. Shears

                   Ashley A. White

      2002     Erik Herz

                   Nicole Mammerella

      2001     Lori D. Hill

                   Jerome T. Mettetal

                   Danielle F. Overall

                   Beth A. Reid

      1999     Anna Leung

      1998     Jennifer L. Craft

                   Jean A. Hager

                  Monica Kerr

      1997    Michael L. Parks

                  Leah B. Shaw

      1996    Angela Osbourne

                  Karen S. Potanka

                  John Michael Schmidt

      1995    Mark Embree

                  Andrew Landahl

      1994    Brandon D. Fallon

                  William L. Lee

      1993    Christopher Chang

                  Kristie Seymore

                  Mark Zylka


  • James Madison Fellowship


    James Madison Fellowships provide $24,000 to support two years of graduate study that lead to a Master’s degree in history, political science or related social studies. The applicants must agree to teach secondary school for at least one year for each year of financial assistance. The final deadline is usually early March.

  • Marshall Scholarship


    Marshall Scholarships allot approximately $40,000 per year (tuition, fees, room board, transportation, books) to 40 seniors for two years of graduate study at any university in the United Kingdom. Marshall Scholars have a distinguished academic record, strong leadership, significant community service, and a focused program of study for graduate school. The campus deadline is early September. The national deadline is very early October. Due to the timing and components of the application, and the specifics of the campus process, students are encouraged to contact Christina McIntyre in early/mid-Spring semester of their Junior year to discuss the application process.

    • + View a list of previous VT Marshall Scholarship recipients

      2005     Ashley A. White

      2000     Sarah S. Airey

      1999     Stacey D. Smith

      1980     Anya McGuirk

  • George J. Mitchell Scholarship


    George J. Mitchell Scholarships provide one year of study at any university in Ireland in the student’s chosen field. The Mitchell Scholarship was established to educate future American leaders about the island of Ireland. The campus deadline is early September. The national deadline is early October.

  • National Science Foundation Graduate research fellowship program


    The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) helps ensure the vitality of the human resource base of science and engineering in the United States and reinforces its diversity. The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions.


    Fellows benefit from a three-year annual stipend of $34,000 along with a $12,000 cost of education allowance for tuition and fees (paid to the institution), opportunities for international research and professional development, and the freedom to conduct their own research at any accredited U.S. institution of graduate education they choose.


    NSF Fellows are anticipated to become knowledge experts who can contribute significantly to research, teaching, and innovations in science and engineering. These individuals are crucial to maintaining and advancing the nation's technological infrastructure and national security as well as contributing to the economic well-being of society at large.



    • Current undergraduate senior applying for graduate study for the following year or a first or second year graduate student
    • U.S. citizen, U.S. national or permanent resident
    • Intend to pursue a research-based Master's or Ph.D. program in a GRFP-supported field
    • Be enrolled in an eligible program at an accredited United States graduate institution, with a US campus, by the following fall
    • Have completed no more than twelve months of full-time graduate study (or the equivalent) as of August 1, 2016
    • Effective as of the 2017 competition (Fall 2016 deadlines), graduate students are limited to only one application to the GRFP, submitted either in the first year or in the second year of graduate school. An exception is provided for first-year graduate students who applied in Fall 2015 to the 2016 GRFP competition; these individuals may apply as second year graduate students in Fall 2016 to the 2017 GRFP competition, if they are otherwise eligible


    University Endorsement Process? No


    Deadlines vary by field of study: mid-October to early November. Check the webpage for specific deadline for your application.


    Candidates are encouraged to work with a faculty mentor and begin the application in early July or August to allow time to develop the application materials. Candidates are encourage to contact Christina McIntyre for additional guidance.


    NSF GRF webpage:


    • + View a list of previous VT NSF Fellowship recipients

      2009     Bradley Shapiro

                   Sherri Cook

                   John Woods

                   Claire VerHulst

                   Shiv D. Kale

                   Anne-Marie Claire Hodge

                   Alek Chalres Duerksen

                   Cara Field Buchanan

                   Nakiesha Danielle Bridgers


      2008     Jonathan G. Ryan

                   Ricardo Quintana-Castillo

                   Brian Gerber


      2007     Kelley C. Stewart

                   Ashley R. Robinson

                   Sarah A. Orlofske

                   Brian D. Lutz

                   Cami M. Johnson

                   Laura M. Hamm

                   Irene M. Berry

                   Laura L. Jones

                   Thomas R. Reppert

                   Sarah M. Huffer

                   Brian J. Skinner

                   Douglas F. Call

                   Rachel C. Wagner


      2006     Ashley A. White

                   Amanda E. Strickhouse

                   Carmen Catacora

                   Katherine Dulaney

                   Dustin Hite

                   Aaron S. Kaluszka

                   Margaret Kurdziolek

      2005     Andrian Harpold

                   Matthew E. Lynch

                   Zahra Pakdel

                   Noelani A. Thompson

                   Alica M. Williams

                   Jeffrey Young


      2004     Beverly Beasley

                   Andrew Graham

                   Dustin Hite

                   Autumn-Lynn Harrison

                   Adam Hendricks

                   Nicole Mammarella

                   Anthony Narkawica

                   Christophre Saldana

                   Emily Sarver


      2003     Jerome T. Mettetal

                   David Neal

                   Beth Reid

                   Eric Ruggerio

                   Krista Rule

                   Michael Updike

                   Michael Zwolak


      2002     Anna Marie Davis

                   Wesley D. Marner

                   Christopher A. Maxey

                   Brian D. Sutton


      2001     John F. Berry

                   Brian T. Gold

                   Christopher G. Stoltz


      2000     James A. Fogarty

                   Jana L. Schwartz


      1999     Jennifer Craft

                   Marcia Ethridge

                   Caitlin Kelleher

                   Tanya Mueller

                   Sandra Robinson

                   Amy Rohrbaugh

                   Leah B. Shaw


      1998     Ludwig C. Hager

                   Nicholas A. Loehr

                   Lale G. Lovell


      1997     Heidi L. Burch

                   Angel O. Duty

                   Gretchen M. Ehrenkaufer

                   Brooks Moses

                   Thomas H. Nutbrown

                   Neal Patwari

                   Carol A. Steichen


      1996     Karl M. Martin

                   Julie E. McCormick

                   Colin L. Reasoner


      1995     Daneil C. Hammerand

                   Kristie L. Seymore


      1994     Jennifer E. Brooks

                   Brian A. Corn

                   Matthew C. Elder

                   David E. Foster

                   Aaron D. Golub

                   Diane Livingston

                   Bruce B. Lowekamp

                   Walter R. O'Connell Jr.


      1993     Jennifer M. Deang

                   Elizabeth Faye

                   Michael C. Montgomery

                   Angela L. Wesner

  • Rhodes Scholarship

    Rhodes Scholarships provide support for tuition, fees, room, board, transportation, books to 32 seniors for two years of graduate study at Oxford University. The Rhodes Foundation looks for seniors with very strong academic records, integrity of character, physical vigor, demonstrated leadership, and extensive public service. Alumni can also apply but must not have reached the age of 24 by October 1 of the application year. Applicants selected to be endorsed by the University will prepare for the national application. For more information about the Rhodes scholarship go to: Due to the timing and components of the application, and the specifics of the campus process, students are encouraged to contact Christina McIntyre in early/mid-Spring semester of their Junior year to discuss the application process.

    • + View a list of previous VT Rhodes Scholarship recipients

      1996     Mark Embree

      1963     William W. Lewis



  • Truman Scholarship


    The Harry S. Truman Scholarship recognizes college juniors for demonstrated leadership potential and a commitment to public service. The scholarship, in the amount of $30,000, applies towards the scholar’s graduate education. The purpose of the Truman scholarship is to identify people with potential to become leaders and to provide them the support to help them realize their aspirations.



    • Full-time student pursuing a bachelor's degree with junior-level academic standing
    • Be in the top quarter of your school’s academic ranking
    • U.S. citizen (or a U.S. national) or expect to receive citizenship by the date the Scholarship will be awarded
    • Candidates must have career goals that seek to serve society. The Truman foundation is looking for motivated candidates that will be agents of change in the future. Candidates should have plans to seek advanced graduate or professional study.
    • Strong record of engagement in community service and extracurricular engagement


    University Endorsement Process? Yes.

    To gain access to the application email Christina McIntyre Include in the email an up-to-date resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) to assist in the registration process. There are a limited number of nomination spots and a Virginia Tech Truman Committee will interview applicants to determine endorsement of candidates.


    Virginia Tech campus deadline: December 1


    Campus Interviews: Reading Day


    Candidates are encouraged to meet early in the fall semester with Christina McIntyre to discuss the application process. The application materials need time to develop and starting early is essential.


    Truman Foundation Website:


    • + View a list of previous VT Truman Scholarship recipients

      2009     Jennifer Lamb

      2002     Michael Gerusa

      1992     Phallisha Newsome-Horton




  • Udall Undergraduate Scholarship


    The Udall Foundation seeks future leaders across a wide spectrum of environmental fields, including policy, engineering, science, education, urban planning and renewal, business, health, justice, and economics. Additionally, the Foundation seeks future Native American and Alaska Native leaders in Native American health care and tribal public policy. In addition to financial funding up to $7,000 for academic expenses, the scholarship provides access to the Udall Alumni network and a four-day scholar orientation in Tucson, AZ.



    • Be a US citizen, US national, or US permanent resident
    • Be a sophomore or junior-level student pursuing full-time study towards a bachelor’s or associate’s degree during the academic year of application
    • Have a college grade-point average of at least a “B” or the equivalent


    Scholarships are offered to students in one of the following categories:

    • Tribal Policy: For American Indians and Alaska Natives working on an array of policy issues in Indian country
    • Native Health Care: For American Indian and Alaska Natives pursuing health-related careers
    • Environment: For undergraduates interested in conservation and environmental issues


    University Endorsement Process? Yes.

    To gain access to the application email Christina McIntyre. Include in the email an up-to-date resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) to assist in the registration process. There are a limited number of nomination spots and a Virginia Tech Udall Committee will determine endorsements of candidates based on the materials submitted by the campus deadline.


    Virginia Tech campus deadline: February 15


    Candidates are encouraged to meet in the fall with Christina McIntyre to discuss the application process. The application materials need time to develop and starting early is essential.


    Udall Foundation Website:


    • + View a list of previous VT Udall Scholarship recipients

      2010     Kara Dodson

      2007     Erin A. Rooney

      2006     Sherri M. Cook

      2004     Hilary Camblos

      2000     Krista Jacbosen

                   Brian Sweet

      1999     Shane J. Moses

      1998     Stacey D. Smith

                   Karen Hix

      1997     Elizabeth Embree

      1996     John Michael Schmidt

                   Walter R. O'Connel

      1993     Jennifer M. Deang

                   Elizabeth Faye

                   Michael C. Montgomery

                   Angel L. Wesner

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