The HPAC seeks to empower students to design and complete their honors education with confidence.

Creating a customized honors course of study is a significant challenge: you have to know yourself, your options, and a lot of academic policies. This challenge is compounded by our transition from honors program to college; things are changing quickly and will continue to do so.


Our honors peer advisors are trained to help you find or develop your own best answers to honors-related questions. They know about honors and university resources, but more importantly, they personally understand life as an honors student.


Our main service is one-on-one peer advising. We will also offer small-group workshops in the future.


What can we help with?

  • Course of Study Planner guidance and approval
  • Honors credit and diplomas
  • Referrals to other honors or university resources
  • Information and guidance for current Virginia Tech students considering applying to Honors
  • Your questions will teach us what else we need to offer!

What can’t we help with?

  • Telling you what to do or giving absolute advice
    • But we will help you identify and evaluate your options to find your own best answer
  • Duplicate other honors or university services
    • But we can refer you to the real experts

Virginia Tech Honors College, MC 0427

116 Hillcrest Hall

385 West Campus Drive

Blacksburg, VA 24061


Phone: (540) 231-4591