Honors residential cOMMONS (HRC)

The Honors Residential Commons (HRC) was founded in 2011 as a multi-disciplinary living-learning community. It is comprised of more than 300 undergraduate students, several Graduate Fellows (graduate students), and more than 30 Senior Fellows (faculty and esteemed members of the New River Valley).  While the HRC is student-governed, it also receives consistent leadership from a Faculty Principal (live-in tenure-track faculty member) and Student Life Coordinator (live-in Housing and Residence Life staff member).

The Honors College offers unique options for student housing. While there are no requirements that Honors students live in Honors-specific housing, we offer two living-learning communities that can supplement your Honors experience with an active and robust intellectual community.

If you’re interested in living in Honors housing, complete the StarRez application and choose either Hillcrest or HRC.


Although we believe the Honors houses offer unique opportunities to enhance your Honors experience, most honors students do not live in an honors house. Many students live in other living-learning communities, residence halls, or off-campus. The Honors College seeks to provide flexibility to students from all departments and colleges, especially those who would prefer to live in a major-specific living-learning community.







The Hillcrest Community was the first honors community at Virginia Tech. Hillcrest is home to students of all ages and from diverse majors. Hillcrest prides itself on being the smallest residence hall on campus. Students enjoy the close-knit community of one hundred honors students, where they can share ideas across disciplinary boundaries and enjoy a community where each person’s perspective is known and valued.

Virginia Tech Honors College

116 Hillcrest Hall (MC 0427)

385 West Campus Drive

Blacksburg, VA 24061


(540) 231-4591