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Lauren Ahart comes from a family of 5 Hokies and is a proud member of the Virginia Tech Class of 2020! She has lived in Northern Virginia for all of her life, but she wishes to have been from Montréal or the south of France. Her current major is University Studies, and she is in the process of transferring into the College of Engineering to pursue Computer Science! She is passionate about French, and is pursuing a French Minor with plans to study abroad in France or another francophone country very soon! Lauren is an active member in the Honors Residential Commons (HRC), a place that she truly considers home! She is also active in various French language organizations, and is a VT Global Ambassador! In her free time, she can be found around the HRC, or in D2 drinking chocolate milk. Lauren is beyond excited to be a Peer Educator, because her Honors FYS led her to some amazing opportunities (such as the HRC) that truly changed her life! She is looking forward to getting to know all of the incoming freshmen and helping them to love Virginia Tech and the Honors College as much as she does!

Lauren Ahart

Ted Alt

Ted Alt is a Music Education major with a Business Leadership minor. When he is at VT, he is very involved with the VT Jazz Ensemble and VT Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Outside of music, Ted tries to lead a very healthy lifestyle and share that lifestyle with others through Instagram and YouTube. When Ted came to Tech, the First-Year Honors Seminar was one of the most helpful classes he took during his first semester. While it helped him better understand what Honors is about at Virginia Tech, it also helped him get to better know other people in Honors. Now that he has the opportunity to be a peer educator, Ted looks forward to helping freshmen learn about Honors and develop the same kind of friendships he built during his first year seminar. It's going to be a great year!

Katie Anthony is a sophomore majoring in Human Development and minoring in Spanish, hoping to become an elementary school teacher. She is a proud member of the Hillcrest community and is involved with the Dining Committee and is an Undergraduate Honor System panel member. Being a peer educator and mentor has been a goal of hers ever since she heard about the class, and she is so honored to be serving with her fellow honors students. When not teaching or studying, she loves to participate in Hillcrest and honors events, listen to 80’s music, watch trashy reality television with her best friends, and spend time with all of her friends in Honors! Her greatest goal for her class this semester is to help her students feel comfortable and welcome in Honors and at Virginia Tech, to help them with any personal or academic problems they’re having, cultivate even more great honors students, and of course, make new friends!

Katie Anthony

Broshkevitch, Anna

Anna Broshkevitch is a sophomore majoring in Microbiology and Spanish, and minoring in Medicine and Society. She is originally from Loudoun County in Northern VA, but loves Blacksburg and considers Virginia Tech her true home. She is an RA in the Honors Residential Commons, and a member of the Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad. Anna is involved in biochemistry research pertaining to the malaria parasite, P. falciparum, and is hoping to ultimately pursue a career in medicine. She loves to travel, cook, and read, and will be interning this summer with an organization in Bolivia as part of an Odyssey Fellowship offered by the VT Honors College. Anna taught an Honors First-Year Seminar last year and greatly enjoyed the experience; she is looking forward to getting to know the class of 2021 and hopes to share some of the insight she has acquired over the last two years!


Sophie Campos is part of the Class of 2020. She moved from Singapore to McLean, Virginia in 2014. Sophie's majors are Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Spanish. She joined Honors because it provides a holistic education with many like-minded people who are pursuing an enriching college experience. Sophie is earning honors credit through major specific courses and research as well as PGS! Outside academics, she is on Club Swim, the Pre-Law Society, the Honors College Student Council, and served as the Vice-President of the Honors Residential Commons (HRC) in 2017. Sophie is also an Apartment Fellow in the HRC; she would love for everyone and anyone to drop by the 6th High Apartment (she lives there!). Sophie loves swimming, the color pink, chocolate everything, snuggling with her dog/boyfriend, Jake, hiking + rock scrambling, cooking + eating. Sophie is co-peer educating with her best friend, Chloe Drew. Sophie is super excited to show the incoming freshmen why she loves the Honors College, Virginia Tech, and the larger Blacksburg community!

Sophie Campos

Kathleen Chesnutt

Hi Hokies! Kathleen Chesnutt is going to be a second year student at Virginia Tech in the Fall 2017 semester, and she is so excited to have been chosen as a Peer Educator. Kathleen is working toward a double major in Public Relations and Public and Urban Affairs. She had an amazing year living in the HRC and is excited to do it again. As a freshman, the mentorship aspects of the HRC were extremely important to her college experience; there is always someone to turn to for help, and she hopes to be one of those people for you this fall!


Fun fact: Fellow Peer Educator Cassie Madsen is her roommate (for life) and you can find them all over campus attached at the hip.


Get excited for the semester. It’s going to be a great one!



Troy Clark is from Newport News, VA, but is glad to call Blacksburg home as a student in the Pamplin College of Business pursuing a double major in Business Information Technology (DSS) and Management (EIT). He has been an honors student since he entered Virginia Tech in the Fall of 2016.


In his free time, Troy enjoys photography and cinematography, and is also currently pursuing a Cinema minor. Though film and photos are just a hobby right now, in the far future, Troy hopes to open his own film studio. Outside the arts, Troy spends his time running, cooking, listening to music, playing guitar, and programming. Recently, he was part of a project at VTHacks IV that won 3rd place overall.


Troy is excited about being a peer educator because he hopes to inspire in his peers the same love of Virginia Tech that was shown to him in his First-Year Honors Seminar.



Troy Clark

Frankie Czesak

Frankie is a sophomore who grew up in Wappingers Falls, New York. She is majoring in Animal and Poultry Sciences and Neuroscience and is on a pre-veterinary track. Frankie lives in the Honors Residential Commons (HRC) and helps out with the HRCC Service Initiatives Committee. On campus, Frankie is a member of the Student Alumni Associates (SAA), the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association, and the BARC Club.


The Honors College has provided Frankie with countless opportunities. The different honors colloquia offered have allowed her to study the liberal arts, even while pursuing intensely science-based fields. In addition, she has had access to research, study abroad, and scholarship opportunities available to honors students.


Frankie is excited to be a peer educator so she can share with incoming students the same lessons imparted on her as a freshman. She looks forward to increasing students’ enthusiasm for Virginia Tech, the Honors College, and their futures.


Jarrodd is a product of Prince William County, VA and is studying Public & Urban Affairs with minors in Landscape Architecture and Geographic Information Science. He is passionate about policy and design, and how each independently and jointly affects populations and physical space. He serves on the executive board of Design for America, a service organization that aims to make local, social impact through interdisciplinary human-centered design. He also serves as a Hokie Ambassador, leading Virginia Tech forward by walking backward!


The Honors College has encouraged Jarrodd to take risks by forging connections with faculty members via Faculty-Student Agreements as well as teaching Jarrodd how to market himself to prospective business partners and employers. He is excited to be a Peer Educator because Jarrodd believes in the power of experiential learning and the diffusion of experiences and ideas among peers. He loves to share his unique experiences with other students to encourage them to make themselves more interesting—like learning a language or even beginning a new martial art!


Jarrodd Davis

Chloe Drew

Chloe Drew is a Virginia Beach native studying International Studies with minors in Spanish and Peace Studies & Violence Prevention; she plans to graduate in Spring 2020. She spends most of her time in the Honors Residential Commons (HRC) with her amazing family of friends and peers. In addition to being in Student Alumni Associates as one of the top 100 Most Spirited Hokies, she is also a Global Ambassador for international students and a member of the Newman Community. Loving life in Honors, Chloe enjoys the countless educational and service opportunities that the HRC and the Honors College extend to students like her. Along with her best friend Sophie Campos, Chloe is very excited to be a co-Peer Educator and cannot wait to share her love and experiences of Virginia Tech with each and every new student. Chloe maintains the title of “Most Likely to Call Her Mother (multiple times a day).” Also, Chloe and Sophie eat crepes in Turner Place every Friday at approximately 8:20am—they’d love for you to join them!

Annie Eick comes from Lynchburg, Virginia. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in French and Communications. She is on the Events Committee for Relay for Life and is in a behavioral research lab. Annie thinks learning and classes should be about participation and experience. So, her honors first-year seminar will be a lot of fun! Annie loves to sing, especially Broadway. She is a chocoholic, a dog person, and she loves everything Virginia Tech!


The Honors College at Virginia Tech has provided Annie with so many possibilities from advanced learning opportunities to scholarships to best friends! She has found her family away from home. Honors has helped her discover who she is. Through various meetings and explorations from her honors first-year seminar, Annie came to discover her passion for psychology and helping others discover themselves.



Annie Eick

Michael Erickson

Michael Erickson is a sophomore from Manassas, Virginia, and lives in the Honors Residential Commons (HRC) in East Ambler Johnston Hall. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with minors in History and War and Society. Within Honors, Michael acts as both a Junior Fellow and an Apartment Fellow within the HRC. Outside of Honors, he is involved with the Theta Tau professional engineering fraternity, and has competed with the Virginia Tech Rowing team. In his free time, Michael enjoys reading and the outdoors.

Kendra is an Environmental Policy and Planning major with a Leadership and Social Change minor. She serves on the Honors College Student Council as the College of Architecture and Urban Studies Representative. She is also a member of Student Life Council and is a 4th Low Apartment Fellow in the Honors Residential Commons. Kendra works at Improved Analysis through Modeling, an environmental consulting company based in Christiansburg, VA. She has a passion for community service and volunteering and would love to help new students become involved in these opportunities. Kendra has engaged in many wonderful opportunities with Honors including attending conferences, study abroad experiences, and internships.


This is Kendra’s second time serving as a Peer Educator and she decided to come back because she recognized the impact that a Peer Educator can have on a new student. She enjoys being influential in students’ lives and helping them figure out their passions and interests at Virginia Tech and in Honors.



Kendra Hale

Kaitlyn Hurley

Kaitlyn Hurley is a sophomore in the Honors College at Virginia Tech. She is a Human Development major with a minor in Business. She is very involved in the Hillcrest Honors Community, helping at their Haunted House and other community events. She participated in many volunteer and fundraising projects last year, such as the Big Event and Relay for Life. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys relaxing with her friends and having Netflix and shopping days. She is excited about being a peer educator because she wants to meet all of the new students and help them with whatever they need to succeed in the Honors College. Kaitlyn had a great first year in Honors, and she is excited to share her experience with her class!

Jaisohn Kim is a junior from Vienna, VA majoring in mechanical engineering. He enjoys earning honors credit through honors classes and his research in predictive vehicle dynamics. In the future, he would like to earn more credits through faculty-student agreements and by participating in honors colloquia.


Outside of the classroom, Jaisohn serves as a Resident Advisor in New Hall West. His hobbies include finding the best hidden food gems in Blacksburg and Vienna, catching sports games, watching the newest Netflix shows, reading, and expanding his tea collection. He has an unhealthy obsession over In-N-Out Burger, Reese’s, Calvin & Hobbes, and roller coasters.


Jaisohn loves the VT community and is thrilled to give back in the form of being a Peer Educator. He is excited to share the amazing opportunities Honors provides and pass down advice he’s gleaned from his time at VT.


Jaisohn Kim

Sarah Koehler

Sarah is a rising sophomore from Ashburn, VA who is double-majoring in Marketing Management and Management Consulting & Analysis. She is currently working on the social media marketing team for a local gym. Additionally, Sarah is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Having played competitive soccer, she is very athletic and enjoys participating in intramural sports and being active in the gym. Some of her other hobbies include traveling, learning new cultures and languages (currently German), taking pictures of Blacksburg sunsets, reading, and spending quality time with family and friends. Her involvement in Honors has helped her grow as a person and student while embracing the college experience. She is very excited to have the opportunity as a peer educator to assist others in achieving success in and out of the classroom, exploring opportunities, and making Virginia Tech a place that they can call their “second home.”

This will be Hunter Liles’ second year as a Peer Educator for the Virginia Tech Honors College. She is majoring in Animal and Poultry Science with an Equine Science emphasis and plans to graduate in the Spring of 2018. Hunter entered the Honors College as a first-semester freshman where she received the Pamplin Leadership Award. Since then, she has taken several honors colloquia and grown as a part of the honors community. Other than Honors, her main focuses are riding horses, the Block and Bridle Club at Virginia, and 4-H. Through these activities, she works to better herself as well as serve the community by working with both youth and livestock in Virginia.

Hunter Liles

Cassie Madsen

Cassie Madsen is a member of the Class of 2020 from Lincoln Park, New Jersey. She is double majoring in Biological Sciences and Animal and Poultry Sciences with a Pre-Veterinary option and an emphasis in companion animals. After college, her dream is to attend veterinary school and become a veterinarian. Cassie has really loved her experience at Virginia Tech and in Honors so far, especially being part of the Honors Residential Commons, which she feels is a unique and welcoming community at Tech that has really made her feel at home. She is so excited to be a Peer Educator and work with first-year honors students so she can pass on her experience and advice and give back to the community.

Timothy (Timmy) Miles is a junior studying Religion and Culture at Virginia Tech with potential minors in Arabic, Middle Eastern Studies, and Religion. As an academic, Timmy enjoys researching social theory, particularly in reference to how minority groups negotiate their position in society. He is also a tutor for Student Athlete Academic Support Services, an actor (most recently singing and rapping in (Be)longing), a former dancer of 10 years, and an advocate for arts education. Honors has helped Timmy branch out of himself and make long-lasting connections on campus at Virginia Tech—his hope is that he can reflect on the opportunities he has been afforded and be a source of encouragement for incoming freshman honors students. After Virginia Tech, Timmy hopes to work with the Peace Corps for a period, followed by earning a PhD in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Legal Anthropology.

Timmy Miles

Michael Mills

Michael Mills is a junior in Music Composition, Music Technology, and Psychology. He is a mostly self-taught musician whose academic focus is on composing music and music-related research. Michael has had pieces performed in events such as the Blacksburg New Music Festival, West Fork New Music Festival, and Charlotte New Music Festival. His research experience includes work with Dr. Knapp regarding music and emotion, Dr. Tilevich and the project “Computational Exploration of Musical Scores,” as well as participation in CABS (Center for Applied Behavioral Systems). He is an active member of the Honors Residential Commons, in which he is an “apartment fellow.” Michael led a First-Year Seminar this past year, and he is excited to have the opportunity to do so again. His hobbies include writing and playing music, working out, playing sports, and hiking.

Allison Mitchell is a sophomore Meteorology student with minors in Geographic Information Systems and Classical Studies. She is a sister of Nu Kappa Epsilon, a music-service sorority on campus, and a member of Meteorology Club. Allison hopes to join the Hokie Storm Chase team for the summer of 2018, as well. In addition to her passion for music, she also loves the water and has a goal to get her scuba certification by the time she leaves college. She currently resides in the Honors Residential Commons and will be an Apartment Fellow in the fourth high apartment for the 2017–2018 school year. Allison is excited to be a peer educator so she can ensure that her students enjoy the honors first-year seminar as much as she did. She also wants to help her students get involved both in and out of Honors and ensure a smooth transition into college.

Allison Mitchell

Deep Patel

Driven by his passion for nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, Deep is a student majoring in the dietetics option of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise. He graduated from Deep Creek High School in Chesapeake, Virginia in 2015. Deep has been a part of the Honors College since his freshman year and resides in the Honors Residential Commons.


As a part of his passion for health-related topics, Deep works as an Football Nutrition Intern for Virginia Tech Sports Nutrition and has spent many hours volunteering in hospitals and physical therapy clinics. Deep also serves as a Peer Mentor for the Virginia Tech Summer Academy program and is excited to be here during the summer.  He is serving as a Peer Educator to give back to the Honors Community and help the next generation of Hokies flourish.



Minh Pham genuinely enjoys and appreciates the Honors College at Virginia Tech because it provides an opportunity to be a part of a like-minded community of passionate and dedicated scholars that is still immensely colorful and diverse.


Minh grew up in McLean, Virginia, and is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering here at Virginia Tech. On campus, she participates in Relay for Life, the Students for Sustainable Practice club, and Alpha Omega Epsilon (the engineering sorority).


Minh loved her Honors First-Year Seminar and found it to be a great experience in bonding, self-discovery, and campus exploration. She is overjoyed to be a peer educator because she thinks that there are endless opportunities available at Virginia Tech, in the Honors College, and in Blacksburg, and she is excited to share them with first-year students.



Minh Pham

Emily Potter

Emily Potter is a sophomore studying Civil and Environmental Engineering and planning to pursue a minor in Green Engineering. Originally from Northern Virginia, Emily officially decided to become a Hokie and member of the Honors College in April of her senior year and has never looked lack. After one year as a Hokie, Emily has found the community and variety of unique opportunities to be her favorite aspects of Virginia Tech. She is passionate about travel, service, and her faith, and believes both Tech and the Honors College provide incredible platforms where she can pursue these passions. Through an integration of her passions and studies, Emily hopes to make a global impact through building infrastructure in underdeveloped regions. Outside of academics, she loves spending time with family and friends, running, and exploring new places. Emily looks forward to sharing her own experiences and fostering greater community among honors students.


Carrie Rock is a Marketing Management major with a concentration in sales, and a Theatre Arts and International Business Minor. She is a Moss Arts Center Ambassador, a member of the Forensics Team (public speaking, not dead bodies), one of the writers for the HRCulean (a satire newsletter in the Honors Residential Commons, or HRC), and a part of the Conversation Partners Program. She has a passion for theatre and the arts and hopes to combine this love with her business degree to work in arts marketing. Carrie is excited to help the incoming freshmen acclimate to Virginia Tech and the Honors College in a fun, stress-free environment. She lives in the HRC and loves the way the space fosters creativity. The Honors College has shaped her time at Virginia Tech in a positive way that she hopes to pass down to incoming students. Carrie loves donuts, goldfish, Disney, and lying on the floor. Come join her!


Carrie Rock

Reilly Scott

Reilly is a member of the Class of 2019 with a Clinical Neuroscience major and a Medicine and Society minor. She is on the premedical track with aspirations to become a medical doctor. She does research for the Neuroscience department as well as volunteer for Hospice and Early-Challenges Reading Hour. She was involved in Honors Ambassadors and is now in the Honors College Student Council as the representative for the College of Science. Reilly chose to live in the Residential Leadership Community instead of honors housing, so she was not required to take the honors first-year seminar. However, she was extremely glad she did. The seminar was how she first established her connection with Honors. Through the small seminar, she also established relations with the students in the class and her peer educator, which made the transition into her freshman year much easier. She is excited about being a peer educator because she wants to help the incoming students establish a connection with Honors as well as alleviate any stress they have in their first semester.

Roxi Smith is a Food Science and Technology major from Loudoun County, VA. This is her second year as a Peer Educator. She is heavily involved in Food Science and has most enjoyed participating in the MARS, Inc Sponsored Food Product Development competition, which she has advanced to the final rounds in Las Vegas and Chicago for two years in a row. Aside from food science, Roxi is a dancer on Dancing’s Our Poison (DOP), a hip-hop crew that holds free weekly workshops open to the public. She is happiest when she enjoys a good meal with others, is able to dance with others, or when you show her a pug.

Roxi Smith

Anna Stapor

Anna Stapor is a junior studying Industrial Design. In addition to spending countless hours in studio, Anna is also a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Women’s Fraternity, Industrial Design Student Association, the Environmental Coalition, Global Ambassadors, and is a Pamplin Scholar. In the past, she has been involved with the Virginia Tech Bhangra Team, Campus Kitchen, Japanese Cultural Association, and Society of Indian Americans. Over the summers, Anna works at Princeton as a counselor for High School Diplomats, a Japanese-American cultural exchange program. In her free time, Anna enjoys hiking, petting as many dogs as possible, listening to all kinds of music, going on adventures, and just generally goofing off. She is excited to peer-educate this year for a second time. This time around, she’ll be mentoring with Roxi Smith, her close friend and roommate. Anna is excited to see not only how her first-year honors students learn and grow throughout the semester, but also how they impact her and the way she views the world.



Emily Wills is a rising senior pursuing dual degrees in Psychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. This will be her fourth year living in Hillcrest, and her first year as a peer educator! She is serving as the president of the Virginia Tech chapter of Active Minds, a national non-profit organization that encourages students to speak openly about mental health and erase the stigma surrounding these issues. She also plays piccolo in the Marching Virginians during the fall and loves cheering on the Hokies during football season! Emily has enjoyed earning honors credit by participating in honors reading seminars, conducting undergraduate research with the Behavioral Neuroscience Lab, and serving as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the Intro to Neuroscience lab classes. She is excited to now serve as a first-year seminar leader and be a part of your transition into college and honors!

Emily Wills

Abby Wilson

Abby is a sophomore from Front Royal, Virginia (a small town just west enough not be considered NOVA), studying sociology with a concentration in social inequality and a psychology minor. You can find her in McComas at Body Pump or working at a Montessori school with 1.5–2 year olds. An interesting fact about her is that she studied abroad with PGS and has traveled all over Europe! Abby is also involved in a co-ed service fraternity on campus, Alpha Phi Omega, through which she is very involved in the community and on Tech’s campus. She is very excited to be a peer educator because due to Honors, she has been able to find her place at Tech and hopes to help you all find yours!

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