Start strong.

Taking an Honors College First-Year Seminar is the best way to prepare yourself to make the most of your honors education. Chart your own path through Honors by learning about the best opportunities and scholarships for you. Meet other honors students, upperclassmen, and faculty. Explore campus and the local community. Amidst the excitement and chaos of your first semester in college, this active, discussion-based class will give you space to reflect on your identity, priorities, and future.


First-year seminars are taught by trained Honors Peer Educators each fall. All incoming honors students are recommended to take a first-year seminar. Residents of the Hillcrest Community or the Honors Residential Commons are required to do so.


Lauren Ahart

Ted Alt

Katie Anthony

Anna Broshkevitch

Sophie Campos

Kathleen Chesnutt

Troy Clark

Frankie Czesak

Jarrodd Davis

Chloe Drew

Annie Eick

Michael Erickson

Kendra Hale

Kaitlyn Hurley

Jaisohn Kim

Sarah Koehler

Hunter Liles

Cassie Madsen

Timmy Miles

Michael Mills

Allison Mitchell

Deep Patel

Minh Pham

Emily Potter

Carrie Rock

Reilly Scott

Roxi Smith

Anna Stapor

Emily Wills

Abby Wilson

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