Honors Academic Requirements

  • Honors Diploma Progress

Complete at least one honors experience each year and report this credit in the annual Progress Survey.

  • Minimum GPA

Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher.

  • Credit Limit

You may count up to 6 credits from any one way to earn honors credit toward your honors diploma. After 6 credits, any additional credit will no longer count toward your honors diploma

  • Category Diversity

Earn honors credit in two or more of the four categories of honors credit.

  • Grading Scale

For experiences counting toward your honors diploma, choose A–F evaluation unless Pass/Fail is the only option.

  • Minimum Grade

Earn a B or better in anything you are planning to count toward your honors diploma. Even a B- will not count.



The Honors College asks you to think hard about how you will form your honors diploma with the various ways to earn credit. Seek variety; seek intensity; seek innovation; seek individualized experiences.

Ways to Earn Honors Credit:

*Note: Some ways to earn honors credit do not appear on your Virginia Tech transcript as honors credit-bearing experiences or do not appear on your transcript at all and therefore require that you submit a request for honors credit form for your honors file. These ways are marked with an asterisk on this page. The forms are found on the Honors Forms page of this website. Please read the instructions on each form carefully.

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