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Our merit scholarships reward strong academic performance regardless of need.

Honors College Odyssey Fellowships

Students design an experience to help them better understand the world and their place in it.


Application and Eligibility Information | Examples of Class of 1954, Gough, and Horton Fellowship Proposals

  • Class of 1954

    The Class of 1954 Fellowship provides outstanding Honors students with unusual opportunities extending beyond the classroom during their last two years of undergraduate study. The winner, named a Class of 1954 Fellow, receives up to $10,000 to be used toward his or her travel experience and university tuition.


    An excellent, well-rounded education necessitates that students define experiences that complement and elevate their understanding of undergraduate learning. Candidates must seek beyond a simple addition to their disciplinary studies. They are encouraged to reflect on their passions and intellectual interests and then define an experience that embodies these curiosities. The experience must offer them the opportunity to expand a world view, refine a philosophy of life, engage their curiosity, and/or investigate and join a significant intellectual conversation.




    2017    James Owens

    2016    Maria Jernigan

    2015    Bobby Hollingsworth

    2014    Natalie St. John

    2013    Cole Smith

    2012    Cassidy Grubbs

    2011    Craig Wainner

    2010    Liz Stokley

    2009    Rosemary Filippell

    2008   Jessie Gemmer

    2007    David W. Grant

    2006    Bradley T. Shapiro

    2005    Kristen Brugh

    2004    Mycroft Smith

    2003    Leah M. Lozier

    2002    Ashley White (British Marshall / USA Today)

    2001    Autumn M. Lockwood

    2000    J. Reid Highley

    1999    Sarah S. Airey

    1998    Mary Sproull

    1997    Stacey D. Smith

    1996    Rachel Hash

  • Class of 1956 Ut Prosim

    The Class of 1956 Ut Prosim Fellowship provides outstanding Honors students with unusual opportunities extending far beyond the classroom and campus during their last two years of undergraduate study. The winner, named a Class of 1956 Fellow, receives up to $10,000 to be used toward his or her travel experience and university tuition.


    An excellent, well-rounded education necessitates that students define experiences that complement and elevate their understanding of undergraduate learning. The Class of 1956 Ut Prosim Fellowship seeks to identify students with outstanding ability and the capacity to make a difference in the world in which we live, through volunteerism or service.





    2017   Tanha Patel

    2016   Gargie Nagarkar

    2015   Cynthia Guerin

    2014   Christine Tin

    2013   Chloe Benner

    2012   Meredith Swartwout

    2011   Grace Mulholland

    2010   Kat Miles

    2009   John Hoffman

  • Jerry & Leslie Gough

    The Gough Fellowship was established by Jerry and Leslie Gough of Williamsburg, Virginia, after their son, Conor, graduated from Virginia Tech and the Honors College in 2002.


    Students who wish to pursue the Gough Fellowship must be planning a career in medicine. Pre-dental, pre-vet, or pre-pharmacy students are ineligible. The Gough Fellowship is intended to provide an outstanding student with the financial support to design an exceptional experience which will enhance his or her awareness of medicine as a career. The fellowship seeks to identify a pre-med student who possesses an outstanding ability, desire, and capacity to make a difference in the world in which we live. The Gough Fellow will receive up to $5,000 to be used toward his or her proposed experience in the summer after the second year.




    2017    Anna Broshkevitch

    2016    Thomas Jacobs

    2015    Daniel Giraldo-Herrera

    2014    Isabel Hefner

    2013    Houston Wiedle

    2012    Rebecca Stoneman

    2011    Dasha Nesterova

    2010    Amar Mukhtar

    2009    Rehan Dawood

    2008    Kevin Zhan

    2007    James T. Mills Jr.

    2006    Samuel C. Faith

    2005    Alison A. Smith

  • Austin Michelle Cloyd

    Austin Michelle Cloyd was a freshman Honors student at Virginia Tech majoring in International Studies and Foreign Language/French. She was passionate about social justice issues and felt great compassion for people, particularly children who live in poverty. While studying at Virginia Tech, she was an officer in the International Relations Organization and a volunteer with the Appalachia Service Project. She died April 16, 2007 in Norris Hall on the Virginia Tech campus.


    The Austin Michelle Cloyd Fellowship encourages outstanding Honors students to pursue a significant project or activity aimed at promoting social justice. This fellowship enables exceptional students to apply their intellect, energy and compassion to a cause that improves the social, economic and/or political conditions of poor and powerless people. The proposed activity must be service-oriented. Projects and associated learning activities can be domestic or international in scope. The Cloyd Fellowship is not restricted to students in any particular course of study. Students are encouraged to think broadly about how work within their chosen field can be applied to promote social justice.


    This fellowship provides financial support of up to $13,500 for the following uses:

    • Up to $2,500 Internship Experience in the summer following the second year (optional)
    • Up to $3,000 Tuition and Fees scholarship for the third year of study
    • Up to $5,000 Service Activity in the summer following the third year
    • Up to $3,000 Tuition and Fee scholarship for the fourth year of study


    Ideally, fellowship funds will be applied directly to the costs of the activity (including travel expenses and materials required to implement the activity). However, if a substantial commitment of the student’s time is required to implement the activity such that the student must forego summer employment, the funds may also be used to pay tuition, room and board during the fourth year of study at Virginia Tech.


    Internships and service activities should be with a not-for-profit public charity (i.e. I.R.C. 501(c)(3) organization), a government entity (e.g. U.S. Congress), or a not-for-profit intergovernmental or community-based agency (e.g. United Nations, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, etc.) Fellows who choose other types of summer employment are not eligible for this stipend. This aspect of the fellowship is intended to mitigate factors which might otherwise prevent Cloyd Fellows from gaining useful public service experience. The first summer internship experience is optional; however, competitive projects typically incorporate both summers into their proposal.




    2017    Emily Hoyt

    2016    Lea Koehler

    2015    Travertine Orndorff

    2014    Nneoma Nwankwo

    2013    Kara Van Scoyoc

    2012    Stephanie Myrick

    2011    Angela Serna-Geitz

    2010    Kara Dodson

    2009    Jennifer Porter and Bryan Murray

    2008    Jennifer Lamb

  • Wayne & Claire Horton

    Wayne and Claire Horton established this fellowship to provide assistance to outstanding honors students in the College of Engineering. Wayne Horton is a graduate of Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering, and Claire Horton is an anthropology professor who taught at Marshall University. They currently reside in Huntington, West Virginia.


    The purpose of the fellowship is twofold: first, to provide an outstanding Honors Engineering student with the resources to design and complete a major educational experience that gives focus and direction to his or her undergraduate efforts, and second, to ensure that the Horton Fellow obtains significant experience in the humanities and social sciences in addition to his or her degree in Engineering. Applicants must be in the College of Engineering but must also have significant experience in the humanities and social sciences and demonstrate significant engagement in a foreign language and the performing arts. Upon graduating, the Horton Fellow will possess broad knowledge of world affairs and contemporary social and political issues, all of which is intended to inform and enhance his or her work in the field of engineering.


    While Honors students in all areas of engineering are encouraged to apply, special attention will be given to students who are interested in fields of engineering that confront issues of energy and alternative energy sources. The Horton Fellow will receive up to $10,000 for an experience that:


    • Requires international travel
    • Demonstrates awareness and knowledge of cultural and social differences
    • Attempts a project of meaning to both the student and the host country
    • Develops a program to internationalize the engineering education of the student


    Once awarded, Horton Fellows must complete three courses introducing the idea of the social sciences, including STS 2054: Engineering Cultures and two tutorials focusing on Social Science to be determined in consultation with Honors, and must also earn a degree in the College of Engineering.




    2017    Vincent DiNardo

    2016    Richard Tan

    2015    Alex Gagliano

    2014    Adrian Santiago Tate

    2013    Casie Venable

    2012    Caroline Richards

    2011    Ben Roble

    2010    Darius Emrani

    2009    Cody Dunn

    2008    Tory P. Smith

    2007    John P. Helveston

    2006    Brian C. McDonald

    2005    Elizabeth J. Traut

    2004    David E. Gagnon

    2002    Richard Bis, Cindy Schreiber, Michael Willemann

  • Patricia C. Perna

    The Patricia C. Perna Fellowship was created by the Perna family in honor and memory of the family’s matriarch, Patricia C. Perna, who passed away in 2006 following an extended battle with cancer.


    The Perna Fellowship allows students interested in medical occupations or management to design an experience to explore and research quality of life issues associated with healthcare treatment and equipment. Priority will be given to experiences involving the care of patients and families affected by cancer, terminal illness, or injury. Through participation in the fellowship, students will develop opportunities to acquire hands-on field experience that can inform solutions to specific challenges associated with medical processes, equipment, facilities, or care. An award of up to $5,000 will be applied toward costs incurred while participating in the proposed learning experience.




    2017   Andrea Kuliasha

    2016   Erin Hamric

    2015   Adrianna Wilson

    2014   Michael Muldoon, Brianna Swartwout

    2013   Jessica Li

    2012   Stephanie Wiltman

    2011   James Robison

    2010   David Fulbrook

Honors College Enrichment Grant

  • Honors College Enrichment Grant

    An Honors College Enrichment Grant provides funding for co-curricular or extra-curricular opportunities that directly influence a student’s educational and professional goals. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, professional or academic conferences, study or research abroad or away, summer or winter academic programs, and unpaid internships.


    Two application rounds:


    Round one: the application is open from the first of July until the end of September for fall or winter experiences. Decisions are released on a rolling basis.


    Round two: the application is open from the first of November until the end of February for spring or summer experiences. Decisions are released on a rolling basis or by the end of March.


    Note: The Honors College Presidential Global Scholars Program is not eligible.


    + Enrichment Grant Application


Glen Salmon Scholarship

  • Glen Salmon Scholarship for Multidisciplinary Studies

    The Glen E. Salmon Scholarship offers $5,000 for the following academic year to one student per year. Glen Salmon Scholars are 3rd, 4th, or 5th year undergraduate students majoring within either the College of Science or the College of Engineering who also have a minor or second major outside the colleges of science and/or engineering. Students who will be enrolled in a co-op or study abroad program are also eligible.


    Recipients are chosen on the basis of academic merit and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Students may receive the scholarship in successive years, but they must reapply each year. Candidates do not need to be in the Honors College to be eligible.


    Application deadline: May 23, 2018

    Scholar announced: June 15, 2018



    Eligibility clarification: Students who meet the major/minor criteria above who are currently finishing their second, third or fourth year who will be enrolled* in the 2018/2019 academic year.


    *including co-op or study abroad enrollment



    Application requires:


    • Resume or C.V.
    • Unofficial transcript (to include spring grades)
    • Essay (not to exceed 1,000 words) that addresses the following questions: Why have you chosen to pursue multidisciplinary study? How do your fields complement or inform each other? Do you feel your non-STEM major/minor help you think differently in your STEM field? What have you gained (or what do you anticipate gaining) from multidisciplinary study?


    + Application

Pamplin Scholars Program

The Pamplin Scholars Program consists of two scholarships: the Pamplin Leadership Award and the Pamplin Scholar Award. The Pamplin Leadership Award is open to any high school senior that applies to Virginia Tech and is presented annually to up to 40 qualified students from among the Commonwealth of Virginia's public high schools. The Pamplin Leadership Award is a $5,000 one-year academic, merit-based scholarship. A student awarded the Pamplin Leadership Award is automatically eligible to apply for the Pamplin Scholar Award during her or his first year at Virginia Tech. Only winners of the Pamplin Leadership Award may apply for the Pamplin Scholar Award, which provides full Virginia Tech tuition and fees until graduation provided winners maintain good academic standing.

  • Pamplin Leadership Award

    In Pamplin Leadership Award winners (Pamplin Leaders), we seek students who demonstrate superior intellectual promise and academic performance, dedication to their communities, interest and success in physical fitness and health, and unimpeachable integrity. Students who accept this award must also agree to join the Honors College and work toward an Honors Laureate Diploma.


    Scholarship Overview & Guidelines

    • Possible candidates include all qualified seniors enrolled at a Virginia public high school who have applied or will apply to Virginia Tech. There can be only one nominee from each high school.
    • Nominees must have at least a 3.8 cumulative GPA and be ranked in the top ten percent of their class.
    • Students enrolled in a partial-day governor’s or magnet school should apply through the guidance office of their base high school. Students enrolled in an all-day governor’s or magnet school should apply through the guidance office of that school.
    • This application can be submitted to a high school counselor before knowing the status of admission. However, only a student who will matriculate to Virginia Tech can receive the award.
    • This scholarship has no connection to the Pamplin College of Business and is open to any student regardless of major.
    • Students who are selected as Pamplin Leaders automatically become Virginia Tech Honors College students.



    Application Process

    A student may find and complete this application independently or receive the application from her/his high school counselor. In any case, the application must be certified and submitted by the high school. Detailed instructions can be found on the application.



    • Application opens in early November.
    • High school counselors must postmark their nominee’s application by the last business day in January.
    • Announcement of winners and students with honorable mention will be mailed in the first week of April.



  • Pamplin Scholar Award

    Only Pamplin Leaders are eligible to apply for the Pamplin Scholar Award. This application process begins in the fall of the Pamplin Leaders' first year at Virginia Tech.



    Scholarship Guidelines

    • Eligible candidates are Pamplin Leaders in their first year in the Honors College at Virginia Tech
    • Must have a 3.6 overall GPA after fall semester grades
    • Open to students in all majors
    • No more than two or three Pamplin Scholars are selected each year.


    Application Process

    One unstapled, hard copy of the application should be returned by 5 p.m. on the first day of the spring semester to the Pamplin Scholars Program Coordinator.




    • Application opens in early November.
    • Applications due by 5pm on the first day of the spring semester
    • Qualifying applicants are invited to interview by the end of February
    • Winners are notified by the end of March



    Application content will now be submitted electronically through a Qualtrics survey. The link to the survey will be mailed to all eligible Pamplin Leaders in late December. A sample application is below:


    Sample Application

Leslie Sherman Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory and in honor of Leslie Sherman, a History and International Studies major who died during the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.

  • Leslie Sherman Scholarship

    The Leslie Geraldine Sherman Memorial Scholarship is awarded to support travel abroad experiences. To be eligible, a student must be an undergraduate majoring in History or International Studies and have a cumulative GPA of a 3.6 or higher. Winners are selected based on their academic work while at Virginia Tech. Non-winners and winners are welcome to apply again in subsequent semesters.


    The application is open in both the fall and spring semesters. Fall winners receive winter or spring funding, spring winners receive summer or fall funding. Fall semester applications are due before 5 p.m. on the last business day in October. Announcement of the fall winner(s) will be made before Thanksgiving break. Spring semester applications are due before 5 p.m. on the last business day in February. Announcement of the spring winner(s) will be made before the end of March.

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