One of the benefits of being a student in the Honors College is having access to the College’s own planning tool: The Course of Study Planner. The planner is an honors-focused platform for students to plan how they will earn their honors diploma as an enhancement and extension of their Virginia Tech degree. The additional resources on this page can help you create and recreate your Course of Study Planner showing your unique path to completing an Honors Laureate Diploma.

As one of two requirements to enter the GPA Flex Period, every Honors College student is expected to receive approval on their Course of Study Planner (COSP) by the end of their first semester in Honors. COSP approval is a two-step process:


  • + Step One: Pick Up & First Draft

    First-year students receive the COSP during summer orientation. All other students (first-year students who did not attend summer orientation, and current Virginia Tech students and transfer students recently accepted to the Honors College) pick up their COSP in 137 Hillcrest Hall in the first week of their first semester in Honors.


    After receiving the planner, students create a first draft of their honors-enhanced plan of study. The planner itself provides instruction, but further resources are available on the Earning an Honors Laureate Diploma and Course of Study Planner pages of the Honors College website. Students may also set up an appointment with the Honors Peer Advising Center if they have questions at any time during this process.

  • + Step Two: Approval

    First-year, first-semester honors students who take UH 1054 Honors College First-Year Seminar automatically receive COSP guidance and approval as part of the curriculum of that course.


    All other students must set up an appointment with the Honors Peer Advising Center to have their draft approved. During this appointment, the student and a Peer Advisor will discuss the draft, ensure that the plan has met honors diploma requirements, and discuss any lingering questions. If the draft is complete and meets diploma requirements, the planner will be approved and the student will be one step closer to the GPA Flex Period.


    If the planner does not meet diploma requirements or if it is otherwise incomplete, the Peer Advisor will help the student develop a revision plan and set up a follow-up appointment if necessary. Some revisions can be made in the original appointment; other revisions will require a follow-up appointment for approval. We suggest that students set up their COSP approval appointment with the Honors Peer Advising Center early in the first semester in case the approval process stretches over more than one appointment.

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